Our Process


  •  Shrock Prefab will take your bidding documents, whether preliminary or final, and provide a price proposal
  •  Shrock will collaborate with customer’s architect & engineer to maximize efficiency in panelization, and load bearing CFS system
  • Proposal can be customized from budgetary in nature up to a tight VE qualified proposal
  • Preliminary design is available via our in-house engineering staff regardless of your floor system of choice


Engineering and Design

  • Our in-house engineers and designers begin to prepare the shop drawings for submittal and review
  • Shrock provides full BIM services
  • Fabrication drawings and Field documents are prepared

Procurement and Preparation

  • Material is purchased (by customer or Shrock Prefab) and shipped to our shop
  • Materials are sorted, organized, and staged for installation into panels
  • Manufacturing drawings are issued to production manager for individual panel
  • Sub assembly items are assembled and staged for installation into panels



  •  Individual pieces are assembled into wall panels on fabrication tables
  • All pieces are attached in final assembly by either self-tapping screws or welding
  • Panel is moved to next table for sheathing installation, exterior or stability sheathing if required



  • Panel is tagged and moved outside to staging
  • Trailer is loaded and shipped to job site as needed for installation
  • Empty trailers are returned to the fabrication shop and swapped for a new full load