Shrock Family of Companies

Our Values

Shrock Prefab, Shrock Premier Custom Construction, and Shrock Restoration have been in the business of making people’s dreams come true for over a quarter of a century. We believe in a team approach to working with you and your unique situation and needs. Through the years, we have assembled a dedicated and compassionate team of specially trained and knowledgeable professionals to work collaboratively for you while providing customized service. We realize that it takes a great deal of trust to place your dreams in our hands. We thank you for this trust and we take our responsibilities of serving you very seriously. We are committed to combining our team efforts to serve you beyond your expectations.

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Our Mission is to….

be compassionate and professional
be reliable, trustworthy, and responsive
minimize your loss
ease your burden
exceed our customer expectations
offer a comprehensive scope of services
restore and renew your property as quickly as possible

Our Vision

To be a company where all people express gratitude, loyalty, and with a positive attitude see our daily challenges as opportunities to use our God-given talents to be of service to our family, customer, and community.