Why Shrock Prefab?

Engineer • Design • Coordinate • Fabricate • Deliver

Shrock Prefab and Engineering has a turnkey solution from the design phase through installation.  Shrock Engineering ensures the quality of our product using advanced software packages.  Our Design and BIM team coordinate the engineering and field requirements so Shrock Prefab can deliver a product built to the projects specifications.  We manage this process backed by over 50 years of combined experience in the Cold-Formed Steel and Construction industries.


Our in-house Engineering provides the maximum in value engineering savings.  We provide engineering of cold-formed steel load bearing buildings, curtain wall and Engineer of Record services.  Our BIM capability allow us coordinate and clash detect with other trades.

Design and BIM

Our Design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) department provide all the drawings and services you need to ensure your walls will be fabricated and delivered reflecting the engineering and project specifications.  We furnish shop fabrication drawings for CFS Load Bearing and Non-Load Bearing Walls and Floor Panels.  We also furnish the needed drawings and documents to the job site to ensure efficiency and success.  Our BIM services provide coordination, clash detection and material quantification so our product arrives on time and accurate.


Fabricate Wall panels from manufacturing drawings according to customer setting sequence.
Wall panels are tagged and loaded according to customer setting sequence.
Deliver wall panels to job site based on framing and setting schedule and overall construction schedule.
Panel trailers will be unloaded based on panel setting sequence provided by customer. Once trailer loads are set, trailers will be pulled back to shop for another load to ship to site as required.
Panel delivery schedule can be adjusted to meet changing onsite conditions all based on continual communication with the client’s field personnel.

Floor Panels

Brace Frames

Controlled Environment

Established Quality Control Program
Certified Welders

Substantial Reduction in Project Schedules

Reduced weather implications
Panels can be fabricated prior to need

Overall Cost Savings

Reduced general conditions
Shorter construction loan length=less interest
Fewer onsite man hours