Squirrel Hill Gateway Lofts

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Synopsis:  A six story trendy and unique apartment complex located on a hillside near Pittsburgh, PA

Our Scope:

  • Four stories of prefabricated load-bearing exterior and interior wall panels.
  • Actual radius (not segmented) load-bearing walls.
  • CFS engineered shop drawings
  • Exterior wall cladding with Denselement and associated flashings as a prefabricated component of the water/vapor barrier system.

Radiused load-bearing walls create a challenge for logistics and manufacturing for obvious reasons.  Shrock prefab created new practices and relationships in order to deliver a properly radiused wall capable of supporting the Comslab Floor System.

Shrock Prefab/Shrock Engineering

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Loudonville, OH 44842
(419) 994-1900

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