Shrock Prefab Wall Panel Solutions

The Cold Formed Steel (CFS) Prefab Wall Panel industry has greatly benefited from Shrock Prefab wall panels and trusses. Shrock Prefab works with the client from preliminary design through delivery to provide an exceptional product while reducing build time and cost.  Panels can be manufactured from CFS materials supplied by the customer or Shrock Prefab can procure and supply them. We take pride in being one of the largest CFS wall panel manufacturers in the Midwest and our shipping capabilities give us a wide area of service. We have a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating which reflects our commitment to our values to provide the Highest Quality of Products and Services to our clients

shrock prefab wall panel manufacturing We specialize in:

  • Prefabricated Metal Wall Panels
  • Prefabricated Metal Trusses
  • Procurement, Planning, and Delivery
  • In-house Design and Drafting